The PARDESHI's in mumbai, India

The community we support is situated in the center of the shady red light district of Mumbai. This is where they live, eat, sleep, play, work, laugh and cry. On the streets, literally. Our community center is located at the heart of where the Pardeshi’s settled two generations ago. The community consists of 120 families, about 700 people, who traditionally generate income by weaving cane baskets on the pavement. When the foundation first started here in 2010, the average monthly income amounted to just 25 euro per family per month, with an average family size of 6.

achieving our ambition within 10 years

We estimate it takes roughly 10 years to get a community on its own two feet and become self supporting in every area of life. Which means education, proper healthcare and a guaranteed income of at least 10 euro per person per day. But most of all we want to help create happy childhood memories.